Project: Stash
If it’s Friday, it must be ….

Swatch:Stash day


Not only do I love the fun of knitting this stitch, but the name is pretty great, too.  I came across this terrific and impressive-looking stitch on my go-to place, Ravelry, just before the winter holidays and my immediate reaction was: I Must Knit This!

I used Patons Classic Wool in beige and blue, to enhance the contrast of this stitch. Here you have it. It’s much quicker to knit up than the look of it would have you believe.  But beware…there is a scary element to knitting the cobblestone stitch.  You have to drop stitches all the way d-o-w-n to about eight rows … it’s against everything we’ve ever been taught about knitting, right?  But dropping d-o-w-n makes that lovely cobblestone effect so don’t be scared and just go for it!

I’ll be posting a FO in this stitch soon so look out for it.

Jumping In!

During our very snowy winter, I found myself spending time getting to know other knitters through their blogs.  I’ll be honest — I never really understood blogging except for those fabulous food ones that made me want to rush to the kitchen. But I discovered this incredible community of craft bloggers and became inspired by their talent and watched, project by project, develop online. Some of my favorites are in Blogs:Stash (over there on the right), and I’m jumping into the conversation!

When thinking about my POV, I thought about the chest of drawers in my guest room, filled to bursting, with skeins of yarn that I’ve stashed over the years and Project:Stash was born.

So what is my first post about?  Yarn? Patterns? I thought about what I spent many winter weekends doing … teaching myself new stitches.  So, here is the brioche stitch. It was tough-going at first … I spent two solid weekends casting on and frogging … but then it came together.  It’s now one of my favorite stitches (as modeled by my absolute favorite girl!).

Brioche Scarf in Full O’ Sheep wool

Brioche Cowl in Full O’Sheep wool